Monday, 18 October 2010


For the last three months I have been working on the illustrations for an interactive app for children called GHOSTS. The app has been written and designed by John Cunliffe who is best known as the creator of 'Postman Pat' and 'Rosie and Jim'. This was a very exciting project as it was the first app I have worked on, and I hope now to do many more. I have always thought of my picture books as short films - I draw my first ideas in the form of storyboards - so the idea of an interactive app wasn't alien to me. I am also interested in sequential images, and have made many of my picture books into slide shows. John provided me with a detailed storyboard and the firm who developed the app, the Ashley Bolser Agency, gave me a list of the artwork they needed. Backgrounds had to be drawn separately from the ghost characters, as did the interactive object 'hotspots'. The GHOSTS app is now finished and is waiting approval from Apple before it can be downloaded from iTunes. As a countdown to Halloween I shall be posting a ghost a day until the 31st October. This the first one!