Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Barnfield School

A few years ago I was a part time teaching assistant at a primary school in Burnt Oak, London http://www.barnfieldschool.co.uk/ I was appointed as an EAL classroom assistant to support children who were new to English. I hope I was especially useful as I could draw, so could explain a lesson through pictures before English language skills were acquired. Most of the children learned English very quickly indeed, despite the fact that they were often traumatised refugees living in a very different country and culture to their own. Barnfield School is a very good school and the staff were quick to make use my skills. It would be interesting to know whether other schools have ever employed illustrators before. 

Since starting my blog this year I have uploaded some of my work on to Teacher Tube which teachers can access and download onto their interactive whiteboards. I have had over 4000 hits so far and will upload more and more content as time goes by. Click on my Teachertube channel to see my work already there:

Here are some of the many drawings I did while at Barnfield. The children I supported ranged from Reception to Year six.

The Jabberwocky

The Highwayman

Urban myths

Revolting Rhymes

Little Red Riding Hood


  1. I think those kids must have had a great time learning English! Lovely to see these Joanna.

  2. Thanks Sheila
    Some lessons were harder to illustrate than others, especially Maths! But I did enjoy my time at Barnfield.