Monday, 15 February 2010

Book List

Spotted Horse – Blackie
The Little Mohee – Macmillan
Sir Gawain and the Loathly Damsel – Macmillan
Why Flies Buzz – Blackie
How the Birds Changed their Feathers (Commended for the Kate Greenaway Medal) – Blackie, then Puffin
What made Tiddalik Laugh – Blackie, then Puffin
How Rabbit Stole The Fire – Blackie, then Puffin
The Wizard Punchkin – Blackie, then Puffin
The Magic Mill – Blackie, then Puffin
Tortoise’s Dream – Blackie, then Puffin
Blue Jay and Robin – Blackie
Mouse-deer’s Market –Blackie
Who Will Be the Sun –Blackie, then Puffin
How Night Came – Blackie, then Puffin
The Quail’s Egg – Blackie
How Stories Came into the World – Blackie
Believe it or Not –Blackie
How the Seasons Came – Blackie
Whale’s Canoe – Blackie
Monkey and the Water Dragon –Blackie, then Puffin
The Tiger Child –Blackie, then Puffin
The Great Ball Play –Happy Cat Books
The Chinese New Year – Cambridge University Press
The Story of Running Water –Cambridge University Press
The Animal Wrestlers – Cambridge University Press
The Daughter of the Sun - Heinemann
Lines in the Sand (One poem + one illustration) – Francis Lincoln

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